Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency unregulated by any central government or bank. Funds are sent anonymously and peer to peer without needing a 3rd party. With low/no transaction fees, many companies accept bitcoin as a payment method.

As the currency experiences rapid growth, here are 5 of the top platforms that facilitate bitcoin payments:

  1. is an online retailer that sells home goods, clothing, and accessories at discounted rates. Overstocks’ checkout page allows you to select bitcoin as an option for payment and seamlessly complete the transaction.

  1. Shopify

Shopifyis a major e-commerce platform that allows persons to take their business online. They offer people the chance to use the platform as a POS, an Online Store, and other features. With the platform being used by 1.7 million businesses, accepting bitcoin is a big deal for entrepreneurs listed on the site.

  1. PayPal

PayPal has been accepting bitcoin as early as 2014. As a company that paved the way for digital payments, it was wise to accept bitcoin. PayPal can be used to buy and sell crypto and receive payments.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft also accepts payments via bitcoin. The currency can buy Microsoft software, games and videos, and add apps to Windows phones. Microsoft was one of the first major companies to accept bitcoin after PayPal.

  1. Magneto

Magento is an open-source platform specializing in aiding businesses to start an online store. It offers several great features, including product management, analysis, and reports. Adobe acquired the company in 2018, and they now accept bitcoin.

Other noteworthy companies accept bitcoin through other platforms such as Amazon.

Other than that, the number of shopping malls that accept bitcoin payments on Korean shopping mall sites is also increasing. A representative shopping mall site is a shopping mall 성인용품 called in Korea.

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