Amazing Methods On How To Get Veiny Arms (#5 Is So Easy!)

Only the real fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders know what the feeling is when they get veiny and vascular arms. Bragging rights aside, owning these ripped, shredded arms are a visible sign that you have a lowered body fat and that you’re into free-weight exercises! But for us who have just gotten to the gym for just two months, how can we get these veiny arms the best way possible?

Luckily, there are now a myriad of ways to get your arms pumping with these well-deserved veins. Throughout this piece, you’ll learn how to get them with some of the exercises I’ve gathered for you. But similar to what I’ve been preaching in my past articles, it’s better to consult your health provider first before you do any of these exercises.

Things You’ll Only Need


Things You’ll Only Need

The weight of your dumbbells would depend on the goal you’d like to achieve. Later on, we’ll tackle the importance of toning in these following exercises. Also, I should advise as early as now that we’re not going to bulk things up here as that would not be beneficial in this section.

Meanwhile, the dumbbells I’d recommend would be those that are comfortable and should have a non-slipping feature. On the other hand, as you might also be inviting some of your friend and relatives in doing these, it is just right to go for dumbbells with a range of weights (and colors, please!)

Optional Equipment

Stress balls


Step-By-Step Instructions

Method #1 The Dumbbell Approach

Step-By-Step Instructions

1.) On a flat bench, kneel using your left knee. While doing this, your body should be supported by your left hand.

2.) Grab the dumbbell using your right hand. Please ensure that your upper right arm is parallelling to the floor. Extend your right arm with a slow pacing.

3.) Do this movement until that you feel than an extended arm is achieved. The peak contraction should be held momentarily.

4.) Lower the weight in a slow pace until your lower arm is vertical to the floor.

5.) Perform 4 sets and repeat it 15 times. Rest for 35 seconds in between sets.

Method #2 More Dumbbell Magic

Step-By-Step Instructions

1.) On a flat bench, sit with a dumbbell on your right hand.

2.) Your upper right arm should be positioned on your inner right thigh.

3.) Next, raise your chosen weight to the right side of your shoulder in a curling fashion.

4.) Now, the dumbbell should be lowered slowly until you feel that your arm is well-extended.

5.) Perform 4 sets and repeat it for 15 times. Rest 35 seconds in between sets.

Method #3 You Can Never Go Wrong With Classic Push-Ups

Step-By-Step Instructions

This exercise is especially for those who already have veins in their arms but are not that visible. This is considered as the quickest and a much easier way to get those veins pumping and more noticeable. As such, this simple yet classic method will force blood right through your forearm muscles.


If push-ups don’t work for you then you may want to check the percentage of your body fat and try to lower it. This will make your veins visible.

Method #4 For Those Who Value Time Quite Significantly

This method may be the better choice for you if you feel like performing push-ups is a bit much or just don’t have the luxury to do so.

1.) Pump your forearms up slightly by gripping and unclenching your fists.

2.) Open your hands with theirs palms side up on a flat surface.

3.) Grab both of your hands to make them into fists. Grip your hand into a fist as you let go.

4.) Continue performing this in a “pump-like” action.


I’d recommend the use of stress balls to provide your fists their much needed resistance too.

Method #5 The Easiest Of Them All — Let Your Arms Hang Down!

If you’re already owning a particularly veiny set of arms but are otherwise slightly invisible and you want them to become more prominent, then this might give you the quick fix!

Simply allow your arms to hang down in order to have as much blood to fall right through your extremities. I would sometimes perform this on our kitchen counter when I feel like I don’t have time to look for that surface.


If you start feeling the “pins & needles” sensation, you can stop right then and there as this indicates too much blood in your arms.

Method #6: The Vein-Stimulating Exercises

Of course, the glory of getting these prized veiny arms doesn’t only lie on performing certain exercises. More importantly, it should also come from knowing which type of exercises that are sure to pop those veins out.

Moreover, you have to select the appropriate exercises that could drive your arm muscles with a leaner muscle mass to your biceps along with your triceps & forearms — three areas where veins are more abundant!

These Are The Exercises I’d Recommend

1.) Bicep curls

2.) Tricep extensions

3.) Skull crushers

4.) Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

5.) Pull ups

6.) Forearm curls

7.) Forearm extensions


As our goal here is to make those veins pop out, it is essential to perform these exercises with one goal in mind — you concentrate on toning and not bulking your way to greatness.

This, in essence, will defeat our purpose. As such, I’d suggest lessening your weight with a higher volume. Apart from toning, this will also beef up the area you’re targeting!

Method #7 The Wonders Of Cardio

I also didn’t see this coming, trust me! I never knew that cardio exercises can greatly improve the veins in your arms.

1.) The Slowed And Steadied Cardio — walk at an intensity that is considerably moderate like riding the bike or the perennial favorite: walking on your treadmill. An example of this a doing a 45-minute cardio on an elliptical machine.

2.) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) — these are high intensity cardio that are even higher but for a shorter period of time with shorter intervals as well.

A prime example of this type of cardio is the ten 100 yard sprints. Rest for 60 seconds in between sprints.

Winning Tips To Make Your Arms More Lean And Veiny

Apart from the much-need exercises that are listed above, you might also want to check the diet you are currently taking as this can also contribute to the overall success of our goal.

With this in mind, it’s important to verify first the count of your weight loss calorie. The reason for this is very simple — if your body fat percentage is less, chances are your veins will become more visible.

Fit Tracker

What I did on this one was to subscribe under a Fit Tracker account. You can also try signing up on other similar apps that are now available on both iOS and Android app stores. They will also aid you in facilitating your weight loss goal.

Eating Tilapia

One of the things I’ve found from my fellow health enthusiasts is the glory that you can reap from eating tilapia. This fish is highly enriched in selenium, that mineral which is known for its weight loss benefits, muscle growth and “thinning” qualities. This will make your veins all the more pronounced.

Beef Up Your Intake Of Protein

Also, you may want to beef up your intake of protein. The leaner one brings wonders to your arms, I’ve been told! Go for vegetables that are richer in protein and lower in fat like broccoli, spinach, kale and mushrooms. I’d recommend the measurement of about 1 gram, per pound of body weight should you envision them to be more visible on your arms.

High Sodium Intake Is Discouraged

On the other hand, a high sodium intake is discouraged. Limiting sodium in your diet will not only eliminate that water weight that you have but will also get your skin even tighter around your muscle.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

In regards to this, my friend who is into bodybuilding has advised me to not limit the water amount before heading for a show. According to him, this isn’t good to our vascular health.

Consume Less Carbohydrates

Ultimately, try to consume those carbohydrates that digest slowly. This will help you shed weight and eventually gets your veins pop out like clockwork. These carbohydrates include rice, sweet potato, and brown bread. Eat them after your workouts.

Final Thoughts

Did you have fun in knowing that there are just plenty of ways to get those veins popped out? If you must, you can start with the easiest method of simply clenching your fist with grip-clamps!

However, before you dive right in with these exercises, I’d strongly encourage you to talk with your doctor first as these could pose unnecessary injury especially when you’re not aware of an existing muscular or vascular condition. Once you’re done, you may get those dumbbells revved up and running like a pro bodybuilder that you are (secretly!).

If you think I have missed some tips that can make your arms more veiny, please share them on the comment section below! Until then, enjoy your vein-popping exercises!